Condition monitoring of rotational machines

Pavle Boškoski1 , Dani Juričič1 , Anton Urevc2 , Jože Vižintin2
Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana
Faculty for Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
pavle.boskoski(a), dani.juricic(a),
aurevc(a), joze.vizintin(a)

Due to wear, material stress and environmental influences, mechanical drives are more inclined to failures than any other item of equipment. Unexpected failures can result in partial or total breakdown of a production line, destroyed equipment and even catastrophes. A proper maintenance strategy is to abandon the current maintenance paradigms (reactive and preventive) and make room for cost-efficient condition-based (predictive) maintenance.
In this paper we present the initial results of the system prototype. The results are obtained from experiment runs done on our laboratory benchmark rig.

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